What We Do


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Be it in the Dominican Republic or the Highlands of Tanzania, education is a high priority for AAA. In the 31 countries where AAA has co-workers; projects such as schools, provision of school fees, uniforms and other school requirements and even supplying food to keep young minds alert and active, are part of our activities. Currently we are supporting a group of children from South Sudan to be educated in Uganda, out of the danger in their home country. For youth and adults, literacy classes and everything from lessons in better agriculture to classes in sewing and soap making are giving people a better chance in life.




This necessity for life is not readily available in most developing countries and AAA has a special fund for this purpose, the two ‘W’s—water tanks and wells are the most basic necessities and we respond to requests from around the world. Tanks have been provided, mostly in Pacific nations and wells have been developed in Africa. Where needed, water is a priority.

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Skills acquired through education needs to be put to good use. AAA co-operates with local co-workers to supply livestock, land for village co-operatives, equipment ranging from sewing machines to breeder goats. One village in Congo set up a co-operative farm to help maintain the school we built and to pay their teachers. Widows in Ghana are being taught to make liquid soap and we are helping to finance a sewing school in Cameroon where women can learn to provide livelihoods for their families. These are just some of the projects we are supporting, with your help.



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Wherever we have co-workers, health is one of the issues that looms large in their requests. The need is so vast. Whether it is assistance in supplying equipment, building clinics, helping victims of violence or providing AIDS care, we contribute to as many requests for help that we can. Currently we are contributing to an urgently needed X Ray clinic at St Martin’s Mission Hospital in Malawi.