Every week we receive letters from our co-workers overseas, giving us news from their part of the world. Often this is good news, with stories about projects started or completed, and how your donations have made such a difference to the lives of poor communities. Sadly though, sometimes it is very bad news. News of war, natural disaster and attacks against the Christian communities, their adults and even worse, their children. Here are a few of their stories:


“The school being new in the old building need a lot of renovation. For now, we have only one water tank where we put water when the water flow is good because of the drought in the country and water shortage, water can be off for days. Also, we still cook outside as we only have one stove, the normal one made for household use, and it cannot hold huge pots used to cook kids’ meal. We have two cooks for 94 kids, two hostel matrons for the same number of kids and one of the Sr helps with laundry which is very hard. There is therefore a need for another laundry lady as well as a cleaner. For now, we have one cleaner, but he only cleans the classroom side whereas the kitchen and dining hall we use the cook to help, making their work load heavy.

We have seven teachers, four are Zimbabwean nationals and the rest are Namibians. We only offer a small salary which we can afford because we are not given subsidy by the government and we pay their fees from the little that parents pay. which is also hard for us to employ qualified Namibia teachers because we cannot afford to pay a good salary with benefits.

We need an extra class and extra dormitory for next year because we have been awarded up to Grade 3, but for this year we only have up to Grade 2. There are no showers and kids wash outside. the Latrine Toilets are out of order as they fall in, thus kids cannot use it because it’s not safe. We are now using the three toilets when we have running water. Showers that are there are out of order. This year we fixed some electrical appliances in the school which were malfunctioning.

It is a lot of work dealing with kids between the age of 4-8 but there is also joy in seeing them smile and get education which is every child's right. However not all kids pay because parents cannot afford while others are orphan. It’s a bustling job indeed.”

Rev Haufika & Sister Gertrude, Joy to the World Primary School, Namibia

“Thank you so much, we have received a net amount of R28433.24 , much appreciated. Another disaster, during the night some guys were fighting in the street and threw a petrol bomb which has caused some damage, knocking out the electricity, deep freeze and a few other things, winter is approaching and he children need winter clothing and shoes.”

Jos Kenyon-Hoare, South Africa

Youth Building Facilities of the Sewing machine class rooms:

“Also, by your donation, I have started the work of construction of some rooms of development service (sewing machine centre) near the clinic for our young men and women (there raped girls also) who missed the employment. This will help for the social and development sector as ACC activities in the Cameroon. We need other additional funds for going ahead.”

Bishop Alphonse, Cameroon