One of the very best things that we can do to support our overseas partners is to pray for them, and for this reason we include a page of prayer requests in our quarterly newsletter. However, from time to time, we are contacted for urgent prayer on behalf of people in great distress, we shall post these requests here on our web page and ask for your prayers for these people who particularly need them.

  • Bp Garang in South Sudan (who recently supervised the digging of a well using AAA money) has just been diagnosed with end stage renal failure and requires urgent dialysis. As the cost is $3,400 to begin, this treatment is difficult to access. Please pray that a means will be found for him to access the medical help he needs and for healing so that he may continue the difficult work in that country.

  • Bp Ndutiye Alphonse Vascaniat from the Cameroon is also ill with a leg injury requiring treatment. Both he and his family have had several recent ailments and again requests our prayers for healing and resources to assist with treatment.

  • Pray that there will be a generous response to the needs of St Martin’s Hospital, Malawi, for a new X-ray room.

  • Thank God that the groups receiving support from AAA in Sri Lanka are all safe. Please pray that wisdom and Christian love will permeate the response of government, religious authorities and the general population after the dreadful bombings.

  • Bp Andrew in Pakistan reports the opening of a Technical and Vocational centre where young people, especially girls, will learn skills to assist them find meaningful employment. He asks for prayers for their vision and successful running of the centre.

  • Sister Beverly from the Community of the Visitation in Hetune, PNG, writes to invite us to attend their festival day on 2nd June. She asks our prayers for the success of the celebration and for the growth and development of their 4 novices.

  • Praise God that recent monies sent overseas using new banking details have reached their destination. Pray that future transfers will be similarly successful. Pray for wisdom in contacting recipients who are not on the internet.


O God, our Heavenly Father, who sent Thine only begotten Son into this world to teach us to love one another; grant that the missionaries of St Andrew and their co-workers may so faithfully obey His command that all people may live free from want, in peace and security, through the same Jesus Christ Our Lord, Who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, world without end. Amen.