Our History: who we are and where we came from

AAA began in Gin Gin, Central Queensland on St. Andrew’s Day, 30th November 1976 in response to a perceived need.

Members of the local parish were concerned about two things:

  1. The high expense rates incurred by many charities.
  2. Lack of an Anglican alternative to existing overseas aid funds

Since then, AAA has grown quietly but steadily.

The first Annual Report showed $246.24 received for overseas. The most recent Annual Report (May 2005) shows $512,728.05 received for charitable and developmental work in twenty five countries, over the preceding year.

At home, all necessary administrative and fund-raising activities are done by volunteers. AAA does not pay its costs out of money received in response to its overseas appeals. Instead all administrative costs are paid with the proceeds of fund-raising activities, gifts from members for that particular purpose or interest on investments.

Overseas, AAA works through structures of the local Church, and especially through our Anglican Religious Orders. Their members are in close contact with areas of need and are happy to be our ‘agents’ in the use and monitoring of our gifts.

Our activities focus on human need in all its forms. Projects exist for refugee relief, children’s education, HIV/AIDS prevention, agricultural development, women’s literacy medical work, women and children’s welfare, orphan care and many other charitable activities.

Donations may be sent to:
ANGLICAN AID ABROAD - PO Box 6134, Woolloongabba - Queensland, 4102 Australia

Or at any Westpac Branch by direct credit to our account at:
Westpac Morningside, A/C No.: 034058 580656

Community Achievement...
We don’t have the income to do something spectacular but we can do small things that impact directly on a neighbourhood and give hope and a sense of community achievement.