You Can Help
Add your prayer to ours, lend financial support

Donations may be sent to:
ANGLICAN AID ABROAD - PO Box 6134 - Woolloongabba - Queensland 4102 Australia

Or at any Westpac Branch by direct credit to our account at:
Westpac Morningside, A/C No.: 034058 580656

All donations are tax deductable for donations made within Australia. Overseas donors should check with their local authorities for information regarding tax deductibility.

If you need a receipt or would like acknowledgement in the newsletter, please write to tell us you Name, Details of the deposit and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.

If you intend the donation for a special project, please let us know and we will designate it accordingly.

For more information on AAA you can Contact Us!

Your help is appreciated...
We give a lot of support to schools, whether it be for equipment, building projects, or pupils’ needs.
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